Kinda pisses me off that when my birthday comes around all I get is a huge fuck you then other people especially tumblr its all “happy birthday” “I love you” blah blah bullshit I guess I’m mad because I envy them I’m jealous of the fact that no one gives a rats ass about me that I’m just that brown kid that no one likes because I get too fuking happy when someone talks to me I start to talk and talk then annoy them away I don’t know where I’m going with this I guess I’ll just rant I’m jealous of all you couples out there every person I have an interest in leaves sooner or later I guess I was born to live and die alone Why is it so hard for me to find my other half Why is it always me that’s singled out and left to hang why does every person I have an interest have their heart belong to another u might be thinking I’m over exaggerating that my other half is out there keep looking or your still so young well I’m tired of hearing all that bullshit if she’s out there why isn’t she fuking looking why do I have to suffer I’ve lived my whole life without a person to love I’ve confessed 4 times and have been rejected or ignored each time so fuk u when u say I’m too young maybe I am but I just want to try in this thing called love I want to try and make someone happy be around a person WITHOUT being annoying I just want to be loved and actually make someone happy to see me if u read all that then congrats u know my sad sad life u know that I’m dying alone I’m annoying that nobody likes me and just leaves but hey why do u care this is just some more bullshit on tumblr for all u know that’s my life just a huge pile of bullshit

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So I sent “I love you” to ppl to see how they respond

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On this day i give up on love ive give too big a piece and i have too little to share im not gonna say sorry cuz fuk you, you never loved me anyways 

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I want to msg you and talk to you I just want to hear your voice I want to hang out and talk I just want to be by your side I want to be the one who receives your heart I want all of your attention I want your body and soul I want all of you

The feeling of wanting someone is a painful yet happy one

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For the first time in 18 years of living, I want something and I’m going to try my damn best. No more second guessing no more “oh its better this way” I’m done sitting on the side lines I’m going full offensive be prepared.

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