For the first time in 18 years of living, I want something and I’m going to try my damn best. No more second guessing no more “oh its better this way” I’m done sitting on the side lines I’m going full offensive be prepared.

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Do you ever feel as though your not important to anyone like you msg sure they reply but slowly it all stops everything comes to a point where its just you saying hello over and over or they read it and still nothing not even a pitiful excuse if you were going to do this then why even bother making good memories why bother calling yourself my friend if your going to leave without a word i finally thought i wasnt alone but guess again im back to square one not noticed not cared just there. I tried to keep our relationship but I guess I’m tired of always trying maybe I annoyed you to an extent where you just said fuk it well I’m done nowif you want t to talk you need to put more of an effort to speak to me cuz let me tell you something I was fine alone before you all came along to muk things up

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I hate it when

I’m texting laying down with my phone above me then BAM it decides to kick me in the face

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I’m done


Don’t ever expect anything from me if we’re in a relationship. Ever. Because I’m done with it all. I’m done with everyone saying “I understand” because obviously you don’t. I’m going back to being numb because I’m tired of having my heart broken. I’m tired of being left. And I’m tired of hurting. So yeah I’ll date you but I’m not going to get attached. I’m not going to feel anything with you. When love and lose is all you ever do it’s easier to not love at all.

Deep shiz

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There are only a handful of people in my life who actually listen to me and let me speak as annoying as I may be and to those individuals thank you you have done a lot just by listening you guys are the reason why I take each breath and the reason why Im able to step forward or else I would have gave up long ago

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Why do people leave

Why can’t they just always stay why do they leave is it because of something I’ve done? Or is it this was just temporary? In my existence I’ve only met a handful of people who are still here with me today I appreciate them and love them for staying this long I’ve made a good amount of friends to speak to online butsome within about a month stop replying and just read it some after that first chat most after a week if I’ve shut you out then I’m sorry I guess this is karma for what I’ve done I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this but like don’t leave OK?

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