I fall asleep the way girls fall in love with me

I don’t sleepĀ 

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Love the feel of messaging someone only to get no reply
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Who actually reads my shit?

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So this is my first time doing this I’m not sure where it will end up who will see this but there is something I want to know and that is my so called other half… where are you? Do I know you already and I just don’t know it? Are you possibly across the world or just around the corner? Are you looking at the same sky I am and wondering where the he’ll the other is? Could you be looking for me as I type this or is it that I end up with no one the sad end where it’s just me alone for years hoping to bump into you but no luck I’ve been told not to rush things let them go as they please but I’m a pretty impatient person I usually mess things up…alot I guess I’m just tired after 18 years of living I’m tired of waiting all I can say now I guess is I know you will be worth the wait

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