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Guys I need help I was an idiot who messed with my friends trust and now I’m paying the price its been almost a week and I regret it so much I want her back she said she forgave me but its not the same we barly speak one of my friends said give it time but I just feel so empty we used to speak daily we use to Snapchat we just used to talk that’s what I miss most I’m so so sorry I said that I would be there for you yet I let you down I’m human I made a mistake but please let me start over I just want us to be like we were before

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I wonder if I ever caught someones attention. Even if I was just walking among the crowd, I wonder if they wanted to get to know me or anything like that.

the idea that these kind of things could happen to me never ever crosses my mind so posts like these make me wonder

I think I did yesterday she came up to me and said I had a nice bag I said thank you then wondered for about a minute like wait I should say something back but I turned around and she was gone :/ hope I find her again

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With you…

Even now I imagine us speaking like we did the laughs the jokes the sad times the fun times when I spoke to you I fell at ease but then you vanished without a trace I thought you enjoyed my company like I did yours guess I was wrong you moved on I came back once too but it was too late for I had been forgotten I knew then that things would not return to what they were and that I’m just not a memorable person I wasn’t interesting enough to make you stay where you go I follow, my life is a shadow I just wanna be close to you…

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Have you ever wondered where your soul mate/partner/other half is like how far or how close? Maybe thousands of miles or maybe just down the street. I wonder is she also thinking about finding me? Is she also gazing up at the stars and wondering where I am? Maybe she’s looking for me right now, or maybe she’s seeing someone else and doesn’t realize its not him. Who knows, sometimesi lay awake at night for hours and hours just wondering, thinking where you are and when you’ll appear that is if there is anyone at the end of the tunnel… I guess I haven’t received nor given this feeling to a person in a long long while, I may be what they call thirsty because I crave a relationship I crave wanting to share this feeling but deep down a small small part of me somewhere knows that I may be hurt or unaccepted and is afraid to even try. If you are out there know that I’m waiting even tho it may not be my strong suit I’m waiting till the day I can deliver you with this feeling I’ve been holding up inside, and spend my nights wondering…

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My love life is like my car…

Wait I don’t have a car

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